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Any idea whose ocs these are?

Any idea whose ocs these are?

  1. shinyshaini answered: I knoweth not!
  2. bucketlistmod answered: I see a Kellic in there!
  3. ask-princess-hailee said: I also see Wiggles
  4. ask-princess-hailee answered: I see an Alicorn
  5. i-am-the-duke answered: I think I know who one of them is, I’m not so sure about the rest
  6. dottieverse answered: Well I know for a fact bottom right is wiggles
  7. askderpythespy answered: nope
  8. hey-its-amelia said: I think I recognize blossomforth filly??
  9. infinite-scratch said: I see wiggles
  10. askgargle said: ((Well I most def see a Wiggles :3))
  11. ask-candlelight-song answered: Kellic at the bottom right panel